February 26, 2019
No more lies
February 26, 2019
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What we are about

We stand tall
There’s never any doubt about it
We greet all
We love it when it’s really crowded
We’re appalled at all the shit that’s hitting all the fans
So come here
Take a stand with us, come closer
Let’s be fierce
With our truth and our composure
Let’s stay smart and
Keep our eyes wide open 3x

We could change it all

Oh oh oh this is what we are about oh oh oh x3

is here to stay unless we stop this
Raise our voices and start being
and find a way for all to get along
That anger
will never be of any use it’s
an anchor
That will keep us stuck forever
So let’s talk
Until we understand, until we understand, until we understand them, understand them “over there”

We could change the world

Oh oh oh this is what we are about oh oh oh x3

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