This is

Thank U so much for talking to little moi
Thank U so much for being so friendly.
It can’t be easy having to take U’r time
With the ”small people”
who talk with real small words

But I really do
Appreciate it
I’m just me and U are so much more
Important but U forgot
It’s ”folks” like me
That opened U’r platinum door

This is my pride
This is my joy
This is how I survive
I didn’t lie
I didn’t cheat
I stood on my own two feet

I believe in the common man
I believe in Gods mighty hand
I believe in miracles
but I don’t believe in U
I believe 5 and 5 makes 10
I believe in little green men
I believe in the Devil himself
But I don’t believe in what U stand for

U can say anything
U can do what U like
U might be what U say
U might even be smarter than me
I would never crawl for U
’cause I don’t have a thing to prove
What I’ve got I got my way
What I’ve got I got the hard way

(Ladies and Gentlemen – Please wave good-bye to Mr. Nothing)

This is my pride…

Lyrics: Lizette von Panajott

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