June 19, 2012

    Lizette & will play at Trästocksfestivalen

    It”s official – Lizette & will play at “Trästocksfestivalen” (“Woodstock festival”… free translation) this year again – 19-21 of Juli. One of the coolest festivals that […]
    October 4, 2012


    Hi, I would like to say I’m really sorry That I never turned out the way U planned me But I’m not Urs – SO Ur […]
    October 4, 2012


    U are so broken my friend So lost in Ur own world I would like to help U – but then… Who am I and what […]
    October 4, 2012


    Ooh – it’s getting closer Try to hide but there’s no cover So I lied there’s something better I denied but it doesn’t matter What a […]