Stop digging

Look at this face, I bow to no one
Look in my eyes, I’ve got no sense
I raise my third to all that’s petty
I raise my voice to all who’s grim

I am the queen of all my troubles
I am obscene and a bit intense
I have decreed my world is drama
Come stand by me, let the show commence
Now see me dance through life
See me stumble and fall surprised

Life can be really hard and cruel at times
So when I find myself in a hole
All i’ve got to do is stop digging
Stop digging
Crucified, nullified and victimized
Climb out of my hole
Stand myself up and stop digging
Stop digging

I take my place i’m riding shot gun
Time to embrace what is yet to come
This bumpy road is mine I own it
This is my ride, I will not succumb

Now I’m free of lice
Yeah I’m most certainly free and alive yeah


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