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October 2, 2018
The album “Ignite” is released!
November 2, 2018
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New Music out October 26!

We present to you the Second single, “Been Here Before”, from Swedish Alternative Rockers Lizette &. Groovier in style but still very much Lizette &. An album should be a journey both in style and mood, from light to heavy. This one you can dance to… and as Lizette puts it;

“The song “Been Here Before” is such a fun song about an asshole – who just can’t stand people doing better than him or who are so much happier than him – which is pretty much everybody. We made the song and the video the way that it is – because when U start to take Urself to freaking seriously – U will become the asshole the song is about. No one is born an asshole, U are groomed into one – so let’s not become the asshole who points out how flawed and bad the rest of the worlds inhabitants are – let’s just have a laugh and a beer and let everybody be flawed and wonderful.” //
Lizette von Panajott. October 2018

Here is a save-it-link you can click:

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