People always say
Isn’t she nice
And some have even said U´re sweet as fuck

When U see me
U want to be my friend
That what U see is what U get
Well let me tell U
It’s all pretend

I’m really evil
I’m so evil

The only thing that really matters
Is Me
And the only thing that really counts
Is getting what I want

I will step on U
I will sleep with U
I´ll even tell U that I love U
And when U look into my eyes
U won’t have a doubt
That I really mean it

I’m really evil
I’m so evil

Did U ever stop and think about the circumstances before U came for the ride
I guess not
And I know U believed every word that I said
When I told U that Id hold U and never let go
Isn’t that evil

I’m so evil

Lyrics: Lizette von Panajott

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