All the lyrics on our album ´This is´.

Must I

At first it feels warm, soft, nice and “fluffy”
U feel like U´re walking on air
But then it wares out, it drags U down
Deeper and deeper U fall

Must I reveal it all
Must I feel at all
Must I remember at all
I must I, why must I, why must I
Fill this big fucking hole in my soul
This big fucking hole in my soul (more…)

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Mother, Mother
I hope everything’s alright
I don’t mean to bother
It’s just that I need U tonight

When my heart starts missing a beat
When the darkness comes to great me
Mother, Mother
Please tell me U might
See me (more…)

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This is

Thank U so much for talking to little moi
Thank U so much for being so friendly.
It can’t be easy having to take U’r time
With the ”small people”
who talk with real small words

But I really do
Appreciate it
I’m just me and U are so much more (more…)

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