All the lyrics on our album ´This is´.


I tried to call U yesterday
No answer on Ur telephone
I could only hear Ur voice say
Sorry I’m not home

I wish that U could see me now
I know right from wrong
Haven’t heard the voices now for days
I think they have all gone (more…)

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People always say
Isn’t she nice
And some have even said U´re sweet as fuck

When U see me
U want to be my friend
That what U see is what U get
Well let me tell U
It’s all pretend

I’m really evil
I’m so evil (more…)

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No one

I cast a shadow upon the wall
Therefor I exist
And I breathe the same air as they do
Therefor I live
And I don’t think the same thoughts as him
Therefor I’m me
And I don’t believe in the same things as them
Therefor we are alike

Now I’ll court danger will U come? (more…)

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Did I

I’m still living a normal life
I’m still scrubbing away the dirt
I’m still having fun with my friends
I’m still, I’m still

No I’m not bitter at all
I’m just having trouble to sleep that’s all
I still remember the “fun” we had (more…)

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