All the lyrics on our album ´Just Smile´.


Ooh – it’s getting closer
Try to hide but there’s no cover
So I lied there’s something better
I denied but it doesn’t matter

What a fucking web I weaved when first I began to lie
It got easier each time and I can’t deny
that it’s taken over everything I thought was me
I made me into nothing (more…)

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U are so broken my friend
So lost in Ur own world
I would like to help U – but then…
Who am I and what am I
Who built this prison for U
Turned all Ur dreams into dust
What a “sweet” thing for someone to do – to what end… (more…)

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Hi, I would like to say I’m really sorry
That I never turned out the way U planned me
But I’m not Urs – SO
Ur so pale, Ur world is black and white and it will
Fail, while I can see another thought to be
So see me (more…)

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