Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all live her the way we are
Wouldn’t it be cool if I could say hey, Ur all friends of mine
Gather warm, warm thoughts
In this cold, cold world we call home
Where it is not allowed to just be here
Being lonely
Just one

I would give my life
To have one who believes in me
Paying any prize
Just to have my faith restored
Maybe I could heal if U would only listen
Only listen
To what I have to say
Cause what I have to say
I feel it’s quite important how

I can see I can feel I can fly
Overrun I ran out of my high

I am burned, burned, burned

If I could not be fooled
If I could see into the heart of all
Then I think that i’d be safe
I think that I would never, never fall
But I would be alone in this cold, cold world we call home
So it’s not worth the prize
‘Cause I can still remember, still remember how

I can see…

I am burned…

I keep reaching keep hoping for dawn
Do not want to be in this alone I am

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