It’s the silence in the warnings
That makes me go blind
Shoved around and when it’s dawning
It’s everything but kind
Maybe there’s a hidden truth
But it’s been gone for to long
So much hate and so much anger
But though everything seems wrong

I breathe
Despite of it all
I breathe
I get up when I fall
And breathe
Sometimes the air seems thinner
But I breathe
And that’s what makes me a winner

This downward spiral is spinning faster
Want to turn it around
I am free if I dare to
So they try to keep me down
Control is what they’re aiming at
And I´ll be dammed if I give it
So what’s the point in slowly dying
When they only seem to like it

So I breathe….

Lyrics: Lizette von Panajott

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  1. Ingemar

    Min favorittext-vid sidan av Smile. Skarpt som ett rakblad…!

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