Been here before

I find I’m filled with all this might – with all these maybes in my life
Made a shape in which to live, that wasn’t so dammed corrosive
Picked myself up from the ground
started dancing to the pounding of heartbeat in my ears
I ran to face off all my fears

I would like to shine a little brighter
Oh yes I do

Have I been here before
Did I knock on Ur door
Did I step on Ur feet, did I make U excrete Urself
Do I make U afraid
Did U see Ur world fade
Did U really believe I would stand and just bleed for U
no, no, no, no

U world must be so very dark
All this light must hurt Ur eyes
It makes U want to kill those sparks
Surely they are Ur demise
So U stomp and moan and groan
Making sure U stay alone
Slowly drowning in Ur hate
Slowly growing more afraid

I would like for U to shine brighter
Oh yes I would

Go shine Ur light
Then we’ll be alright

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