I always create at night – when everyone else is a sleep – I wake up and start hearing music all around me. It can be quite overwhelming at times, so noisy that I have to “tune it out” for a while, just to get some peace and quiet. At those times – I play games (x-box or PS4) or listen to books – lots and lots of books.

I really am a nerd at heart and I love tweaking my system in my studio to perfection and I have the approach to this by doing ” I wonder what happens if I…” – this works almost always… almost. 🙂

I am also what U might call a “a sound junkie”. I have collected hundreds of thousands of various sounds and noises over the years – I never throw any of them away, cause one day THAT sound will be the beginning of my master piece, which I am constantly writing.

I don’t know where all this music comes from, it has always kinda been there. The biggest obstacle has been to find the way to grab a hold of it and put it into the world that is not in my head, but the world that I share with U. It will never be done or perfect – and that is my pride, my joy and how I survive. 😉

My band – Lizette & – consists of my best friends in the world – so how lucky am I? I am the luckiest person in the world.

//Lizette von Panajott



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November 8, 2013

Golden Shower video shoot – day 1.

I had a wind machine blowing in my right ear for about 7 hours – and I loved every minute of it. 😀 Johan Bergkvist, Filip Tegstedt and […]
November 6, 2013

THIS is cool!

Oh how I love it when technique helps bust the balls of the truly evil ones! HA! Signed this one in a heartbeat!  Sweetie Click the […]
October 21, 2013

Countdown for the new single “Golden Shower” is ON!

It is available now!