Started banging things at the age of two and never really stopped.

After having ruined countless of nitting needles and pots he finally got a snare drum. Being quite bored with only having one drum the snare was turned in to a small drum kit with strings, rubber bands and loads of hard work.

After the first drum kit entered the house things never got the same again. Being known for drumming on everything he can irritate the crap out of anyone in a record breaking short amount of time.

AleX spent most of his years in different studio situations and gained quite a reputation for being fast and easy to work with, always delivering what was promissed.

1998 was a big turning point for AleX who started playing the live scene and loved it.

After having spent so many years in the studio it was really revitalising to meet an audience.

After some different constellations he was asked to join Lizette & and never hesitated a second.

Pictures of AleX


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